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Usually when people enter the world of ornithology they feel a greater attraction for large birds such as the Griffon Vulture or the Golden Eagle. They are birds that often need to go to very specific places and sometimes with little luck when observing them.


But there are some birds that are much easier to observe, they are not so impressive because of their large size, but they do have a charm that the great raptors lack.


They are what we might call birds or how they are called in the world of Passeriform ornithology. Many of these birds could fit in the palm of an adult person's hand perfectly. The spectacularity of these small winged ones resides in their colors like the one of the Jilguero, in its songs like the one of the Ruiseñor or in its tireless movements between the glasses of the trees like the one of the Myths.


This series is dedicated to photographing these small winged ones. With it I want to bring the world of birds closer to any other person or that does not know them, since most of them can be seen in any park in a big city or in places further away from them.

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